My All-Time Crazy Story

On only my second full day working at Disney, I probably had what will be my all-time crazy story.

A group of at least 8 adults came up to get their photo taken. They all still had about half of their alcoholic drinks sloshing in their cups (obviously came from Africa’s Tusker’s bar).

Two of the women asked if they could kiss me. They told me they get a point for every kiss on the cheek they give a cast member.

Stunned, I let two of them kiss my cheeks at the same time. Now I could confirm their condition as it wasn’t just the half-empty cups but their breath gave them away.

Then another of them asked me, “Can I kiss you on the lips? I get 2 points for that.”

At that point I made sure they saw my wedding ring, politely refused, and asked them to line up for the photo. Instead of asking them to say “cheese”, I almost asked them to smile and say “inebriated”!

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