Observations from DAK

First, you all know I’m working part-time at DAK, right? And you know what DAK is, right? If you answered “no” to both, then let me make sure we’re on the same page: Yes, I am on Fridays and Saturdays as a PhotoPass Photographer; and DAK stands for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I thought it would be fun to capture a few observations here for your reading pleasure.

  • So far I’ve been on the bridge that leads to the Tree of Life. At least a couple times an hour I hear someone say, “Is it real?”
  • A guest reported to me there was “a non-poisonous snake on the walk path”. I reported it but was thinking, “Sir, this is the Animal Kingdom”, but in a nice way of course.
  • There is grass at the bottom of the Tree of Life. I’ve only seen birds in there. Yesterday I saw a kangaroo. I had no idea DAK had a kangaroo.
  • Lots of people leave when it rains at 6:00. But a lot more leave at 7:50 when it closes at 8!
  • I haven’t been on every ride yet, but the safari is awesome! I was 10 feet away from a giraffe’s head, a couple yards from a wildebeest and a black rhino. And I saw a hippo run out of it’s pond and run across it’s area. Never seen a hippo run — they are fast for their size.
  • It’s fun meeting people from all over the world. Some I work with and some of our guests are some of the friendliest people I’ve met.
  • There is a vine-draped tree woman named Divine in the park. She’ll surprise you if you don’t notice. I’ve seen her by the Rainforest Cafe a few times. If you get to see her, stop and watch her. Amazing!
  • I like it when kids look at me knowing I’m part of Disney because their eyes are wide and their smiles are huge when they see me in costume. They are cute. One little boy was ready to share his popcorn with me.
  • On my second full day working at Disney, I probably had what will be my all-time crazy story. A group of at least 8 adults came up to get their photo taken. They all still had about half of their alcoholic drinks sloshing in their cups. Two of the women asked if they could kiss me. They told me they get a point for every kiss on the cheek. Stunned, I let two of them kiss my cheeks at the same time. Then another of them asked me, “Can I kiss you on the lips? I get 2 points for that.” At that point I made sure they saw my wedding ring, politely refused, and asked them to line up for the photo. Instead of asking them to say “cheese”, I almost asked them to smile and say “inebriated”!
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  • Only I can kiss you on the lips!

  • rob


  • Oh, Rob, Rob, Rob. EVERYone knows that DAK was Luke’s snowspeeder copilot in Empire Strikes Back.

    And get on Expedition Everest as soon as you can! I think it’s the best ride of all four parks.

  • stoncray

    That was funny stuff.

  • enjoyed that. Glad you’re enjoying it, too.