Mickey Opens Animal Kingdom

This past weekend I got to open DAK. I was out on the bridge before 8 AM. Even though the park opened at 9, some people were let in to go have breakfast at Tusker House.

The park is beautiful early in the morning and absent of lots of people! The light is low, soft, and it gives a nice glow on the lush greens.

Around 8:50 it was like the flood-gates were opened as people were pouring into the park and across the bridge to Discovery Island. But they stopped at the bottom of the path because it was roped off.

People lined up and surrounded me on the bridge and at 8:57 a float came to the bottom of the path with Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy (Donald may have been there but I couldn’t tell). They did a little thing to welcome everyone to the park — and they were looking for Mickey.

Then all of a sudden, Mickey began to ascend in front of the Tree of Life! Once he got up to the base of the leaves, he declared the park open and everyone else poured onto Discovery Island to enjoy the day.

Seems appropriate that mice and dogs open an animal kingdom.

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  • Is there a reason why you called him micky and not mickEy? Or just a typo?

  • rob

    Oops! Wow, what a typo! Funny because that technically isn’t a misspelling so I never caught it! I was typing too late at night.