• Your logo… was she talking about the spoons?

  • rob

    Ha! yeah, I dunno. I’d hope it was the one at orangejack.com, the main one. I hope it’s not the 2008 on this site or, yeah, could be the 170 spoons. I dunno.

  • Darn it! For the second time I have tried to watch this video clip above of yours and it keep saying, “Buffering”. I have tried once on my computer at work and once on my personal computer at home. I guess the file or something is too big for my computer? Well, I was hoping to see your “shout-out”, but congrats anyway! I think it’s great and really cool, Rob! :o)

  • unknown


    Dude, I think she means the logo from Orangejack.com, the main page!

    It does look cool, in a weird way!

    GooD-luck and:

    Have a Happy & Kosher Passover, everyone!

  • RobAd2

    Dude, her names Marta, not Marla.