Is it hard to work for Disney?

Yesterday I was back on the bridge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom taking photos. While I was there, many people were leaving the park so I was waving goodbye as people walked past me to leave.

One little boy, maybe he was 4, was riding in his daddy-powered stroller. When the boy saw me, he asked me,

Is it hard to work for Disney?

Since daddy was on the way out, the last syllable “ney” was inquisitively asked once he was past me. But he wanted to know the answer because he was hanging his head out of the stroller keeping his eyes locked on me.

I have to say I wasn’t ready for that question nor that speed for an answer. I could have answered, “work? This isn’t work!” or “who wouldn’t like to work for a mouse?” or “it’s a real magical experience”.

Instead all I got out was something like “of course not!”.

Maybe next time.

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