Found Rings

Not all stories I will post here our mine. If they aren’t I’ll be sure to tell you. For instance, here’s a story I learned about this morning from

A family from was staying at Disney’s Animal Lodge Resort last week. While cleaning up, they accidentally threw away the wife’s engagement, wedding and five-year-anniversary rings.

Back at the Wilderness Lodge resort, executive housekeeper Drew Weaver realized that trash from the [family’s] villa hadn’t reached the industrial-size compactor yet. He and seven other volunteers donned protective clothing, emptied a parking lot bin and waded through bag after bag of rubbish to find the rings. And they did.

Needless to say the rings were returned, the family was happy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the family returned to Disney again because of this.

Thanks to BrainsOnFire Twitter feed for the tip.

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  • Thanks for the tip o’ the hat. I am really enjoying your blog…as the resident Disney fanatic at Brains on Fire, it’s nice to have a resource to point my co-workers to when I need to prove that Disney is not just my obsession…it’s also the best case-study in customer loyalty.

  • rob

    @Mr.Steve : yes, the more time I spend with Disney the more I realize how customer-centered they really are. My desire for this site is to share some of those stories. Thanks for following!