Happy Birthday DAK

Today, Earth Day, is the 10-year Anniversary for the opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I wish I could personally wish you a happy birthday, but I’ll have to send it virtually. I’ll see you Friday though!

One thing I’ve learned a lot about is that DAK isn’t just about being an attraction. It is also about doing good with the earth. That’s why it opened on Earth Day.

Also, the animlas there are not “on display”. They are taken care of and studied. Check this discovery out:

Dr. Jackie Ogden, vice president of animal programs, was part of the pre-opening team for the Animal Kingdom. She told News 13 she is very proud of everything they have accomplished over 10 years in studying and contributing to the welfare of animals.

“We have a very extensive elephant communication program where we actually put big collars on the elephants that are out at Kilimanjaro Safari, and we are able to hear these low-frequency vocalizations that elephants make. We actually found two vocalizations that no scientist had ever found before. Very cool,” Ogden said.

Happy Birthday, DAK!

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