I need a contact manager (CMS)

I used to just live inside Microsoft Outlook.  I don’t anymore.  I’ve switched to using gMail exclusively.  And with that I’ve found ways to manage my tasks and calendar online also.  I actually really like the system I have.

However, I don’t have a good solution for managing contacts.  I’ve read the recent posts on what people like but I’m not so sure about what works best for me.

I wish Google Contacts worked great, but I can’t manage a good work flow process with it.  I’m thinking about Plaxo but they offer so much fluff now I’m not crazy about it.

I could use Outlook again, but I’d only be using it for contacts.  That seems bloaty to me.

What I want is a good, free, lightweight CMS that allows me to group and tag people (like to follow-up with) and it would be nice to be able to make a copy somewhere online so my wife can access them also.

Any ideas?

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  • When you figure something out, let me know.

  • Doesn’t “CMS” usually refer to a “Content Management System”?

  • I believe you are looking for a CRM.

    WordPress can do it 😉

  • rob

    @Sheldon : no, it’s to manage my address book. My contacts. I’m not satisfied with anything online and Outlook is bulky – especially now that I use gMail, gCal, and Remember The Milk for the other Outlook components.