Nice Shirt

One of the things I like to do when interacting with guests is comment about their shirts. I figure they are wearing particular shirts for particular reasons. So I talk to them about it! Here’s a few of the exchanges:

  • The easiest are the people wearing shirts with the dwarf Grumpy on them. They are easy targets. While focusing a shot I may ask “Is Grumpy smiling?” Another is watching a tired “Grumpy” leave the park. I might say “So long, Grumpy!” That one I use with great discretion! Another time a family of four were all wearing the same orange Grumpy shirt. I said to them, “Now that’s the brightest group of Grumpies I’ve ever seen!” They laughed.
  • A teen-aged girl had on a white shirt with large black lettering on it. The words were names and they were in a huge typeface so it took up the entire shirt. I saw her coming and I said, “Nice shirt! I have no idea what it means.” She smiled and said, “It’s a band!” Then she giggled probably thinking I’m some old guy or something.
  • A guy was wearing a black shirt with this on it: “4 8 15 16 23 42”. I said, “Excuse me sir, are you LOST?” He had a quizzical look and I moved my hand across my shirt indicating the numbers on his. He realized what I was referring to and smiled then said, “Oh yeah! Naw, I’m good.”
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  • Robin

    I’ve had cast members tease me about having a shirt with Pooh on it!