Orangejack Mall

I’ve decided to run a little experiment and want to get your feedback on it. I’ve created the Orangejack Mall. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

My idea is to create one place that has some shopping ideas that I think you might be interested in — or at least ideas I like and think you might also like. Some of the items I make money off of if you purchase them by going through the mall. Some items are just listed for your benefit (like the woot deal of the day and the keep cash listings).

I’ve created a few online stores like my Rob’s Recommended Amazon store where I hand-select items you may like. I plan to create a few other niche stores. So in the Orangejack Mall you can currently find Disney DVD‘s and Chronicles of Narnia books from Amazon, LOST stuff from CafePress, and Nikon deals from eBay. I may also create affiliate stores later on CafePress and eBay to hand select items like I did with Amazon.

What do you think about this whole concept? What would you do differenly? What stores would you like to see added? If the mall had the stuff you’d like to see (like what?) would you go there to shop?

Thanks for your honest feedback. Comment here or let me know privately.

Locke vs Jack expected scene – daily LOST

Locke vs Jack expected scene – daily LOST

After watching LOST Season 4 Finale, I think I have an idea of a scene I expect to see in the last couple of seasons.

Ben is explaining the heap of trouble or he’s taking heat from the Others (or others (little ‘o’)) about it. He’s flustered, then angry, then he shouts, “It’s not supposed to be this way! And it wouldn’t be if…”, Locke turns to Jack, “…if he hadn’t have left the island!”

Throwing Away A Trashcan

You can throw away pretty much anything in the world except for a trashcan.

We have 3 plastic trashcans that are all messed up from years of abuse. Some have holes in the bottom good for leaky bags. Some lost their handles from raccoons ambushing the cans and knocking them over. Some of the tops don’t fit anymore.

I’ve left these things at the street over and over to be picked up on trash day but they always give them back. I wouldn’t mind recycling them but those guys won’t pick them up since they don’t fit in the bins we leave at the street.

I guess I have to take them to the dump or a trashcan behind a store or something. I just never thought about how it’s not that easy to throw away a trashcan.

How Google Works | Orangejack LLC

How Google Works | Orangejack LLC
Google is used by about 60% of US Internet searches (Yahoo is #2 around 20% and MSN around 10%, AOL and Ask are about 5% each). They maintain their huge lead because they return the most relevant results for a search. If they didn’t, we’d use a different search engine. So how does Google do it? How do they know what are the best sites to refer you to for your search?

My Quest for Clean Feeds

I like clean RSS feeds.  No more mixing stuff up for me.  Mostly.

I’ve decided that the RSS feed for rob’s place will just be of whatever shows up here.  Nothing else.

However, I find a lot of stuff online and I save it in all sorts of places.  Sometimes it’s on my Amazon wishlist.  Sometimes I bookmark it in  Or digg.  Or I save it in StumbleUpon.  Or whatever.

So, here’s what I’m doing now:  no longer am I syndidicating feeds straight into anywhere…except one place: my FriendFeed.  It’s got everything and it’s sitting over there in my sidebar.

But I’m not going to stop sharing on Orangejack Shares.  In fact, it’s where I’m going to link to everything I want to share.  It’s a lot more active with fun, random stuff than this blog is now.

Not every Digg or or twitter or whatever will automatically show up on Tumblr.  I’ll push to that site what I want to share there.  Nothing automated.

So, you can now subscribe freely to whatever you want.  I’ll aggregate my Internet finds and share them in one place, blog in other places, and allow FriendFeed to catch it all.

For a list of all my blogs and RSS feeds, see my profile page.

I guess I’m on a clean streak.  Even wiped down rob’s place so you can’t even recognize it.  Take a look feed readers.

All of this is effectively immediately and is subject to change.  And probably will.