Alaska is Big, Cold, and the Sun is funny

I’m still working on getting about 100 photos ready to put online with the stories to tell. Keep watching for them.

In the mean time, here are a few graphics I found to be very interesting and put the great state of Alaska into perspective.

Our weather was great while we were there. It was a nice, cool temperature. A few times I was cold, but mostly it was a comfortable 40s during the day. Not sure it ever got below freezing though it did snow (non-sticking) the first morning we were there.

But the thing that was most difficult to get used to which I thought was just crazy was how light it was in the evenings! The sun wasn’t setting until about 11:30 pm. It was so strange and it threw me off a bit. It looked like 5 pm outside when it was 9:30 at night!

We had a great time though and I think I’d go back to Anchorage any time of the year again — as long as I’ve got the warm clothes to endure!

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  • I never realized that Alaska was that Big! Thanks for putting it in perspective for me. I bet it would be wild with the sun still shining that late. I’m glad you all had a good time. I can’t wait to see your photos.

  • rob

    @Jill : yeah, that graphic of how big Alaska is is kind of a “Texas eat your heart out”. There were tees for sell that had that kind of thing on it. Ha!

  • Pam

    Very cool! I’d love to visit Alaska someday. Can’t wait to see pictures and you guys again.