Family Arguments and feeling Awkward

I think one of the toughest things about being on stage with families is when they start to argue right in front of you.  It’s awkward, especially when I’m about to take their photograph!

One day a mom and kid went flying past me.  No big deal.  Then a dad and kid slowed down and said, “It’s my birthday so I want a family photo.”  Then he yelled to his wife now about 20 yards away “Hey, come back for a photo!”

She wasn’t happy and they “talked” about how she wanted to keep moving and he was playing the “my birthday” card.


Another time I was taking a family shot and as fairly typical, one of the kids was pouty, shy, and tired so she wasn’t posing or smiling.  We tried a few things and then the father, holding the little girl started talking stern and deep to her.

Then I heard him say, “If you don’t smile for this picture…” then he leaned into her ear and told her something only her daughter could hear.  The response was not a smile.  She started balling!  She saw whatever he said as a threat.


One last story about this: A family with young kids wanted their photo done.  Mom picks up one child and the child’s foot accidentally kicks the other child in the face while standing there.  Mom doesn’t realize what’s going on (or maybe she did, I don’t know), but the kid who was kicked starts to cry.  Mom doesn’t care about the cries but gets the kid to straighten up and pose.


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