Owls and Hawks

One of the funny and interesting things about Disney’s Animal Kingdom is that local animals show up and stay. I can’t blame them!

For example there are a dozen or more Ibis that hang out with the Spoonbills and Flamingos. The Ibis are native and found a nice place to live.

redshouldered hawkMany days I see the local red-shouldered hawks flying around. I spotted one when I was shooting near the Tree of Life. First I heard the hawk scream. Then I heard the African Crown Cranes going crazy! They apparently don’t like the hawks being around. I looked up and saw one of the hawks land way up at the top of the Tree of Life, perched so he could get a good view of the park.

Another time I was on the bridge at DAK and out of the corner of my eye I saw something large fly into a tree by the bridge. When I got a chance I realized it was a huge owl just hanging out. I couldn’t make out what kind he was then he flew off.

Oh, and a word of warning: the local ducks that hang out like to fly over paths where people walk, and they fly low. So seriously, duck!

Just another animal day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

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