Special Request Photos

With the Disney Photo Pass, we stick to a few standard shots.  However we will balance that with other shots guests want (they are requested, not suggested by us).  After all, there is a Disney standard quality of shot we want to make sure is there.  It’s called Quality Control.

However, like I said, people will request other shots.  The best one I’ve had so far is a girl just finished and received her Phd and had “Phd” on the back of a Mickey Mouse Ears hat.  She was going to all 4 parks getting the same shot taken on her camera: the back of her hat on her head, her arms raised in victory, and the park icon in the background.

It was cool.  I took a few with her camera then tried a few with mine.  Afterwards I asked her if she wanted and shots with her actual face in it.

“Nope.  I won’t buy that one.  But I might by the other one I asked for”.

Very well!  But I had to ask.  I hope she got all 4 done.  It would be a fun collection for her.

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