Wishing at Disney

Disney is the place where dreams come true.  Everyone knows this.  Even kids.

So one day I was on stage by some water and people throw coins into the water to make a wish.  Usually it’s kids trowing their parents coins into the water.  One kid wouldn’t pose for a photo so dad told him if he’s in the picture he could throw a coin in.  He posed then went to throw a coin in but said, “Dad, I want a BIG one, this is a small coin”.


But at that very spot came one of the most random things I’ve seen at Disney.  Something so cute and so out of context that it just strikes me as hilarious:

One little girl came up to the fence at the water and was just staring into the coin bottomed water.  She got a coin from mom and came back.  Arching her hand way back behind her shoulder blade and her elbow pointing to the sky, she released the coin up and over the railing into the water.  With that part done it was time for the next step – the wish.

So she closed her eyes, clasped her hands in a prayer-like stance, leaned into the fence, and said aloud,

I wish every day was Halloween.

Mind you we were about 6 months removed from Halloween, no ghosts or goulies around, it was hot, no candy around, and it was bright outside.  Nothing pointed to Halloween at all.

But not to this little 4-year old girl.

Sometimes I just wonder what’s going on in the heads of people.  It’s got to be a lot of fun in there.

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