Disney in Alaska

We were able to go on vacation to Alaska a couple weeks ago visiting friends.  While we were there, we went down to a port town called Seward and we stopped into a small restaurant for breakfast.  The diner was a converted train car so only about 30 people could eat in there at a time.

While we were waiting for our biscuits and gravy, we overheard a guy talking to his table-mate about a trip to Disney World!  He was telling him all about how cool the All-Star Resort was, the deals he got, the fun, everything.

It’s a cold spring May morning.  We’re in a small diner of about a dozen people in a small port town in Alaska, and of all conversations to overhear, we hear the one about a guy raving about his Disney vacation.

Everybody now: “It’s a small world after all…”

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  • I hope to one day take one of the Disney Cruises up to Alaska. Alaska seems so beautiful.