sharing is better

I asked the question last night on Twitter: which sharing is better?

It’s between the new Google Reader share stuff they have vs using tumblr (it’s what is feeding the “orangejack shares” box in the left column of the blog),

I think I’ve decided to stay with tumblr for a few reasons:

  1. Tumblr allows me to customize the blog
  2. Tumblr gives you a better URL
  3. Tumblr allows me to syndicate automatically a few feeds in
  4. Tumblr is more versatile for sharing stuff

Google has some things going for it though:

  1. Google allows you to add notes
  2. Google does a great job consolidating everything

So, though I know you weren’t worried, I’ve decided to stick with tumblr as my share blog: Orangejack Shares (subscribe via RSS or email — it’s worth it!)

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  • Pretty sure you can add notes to your reblogs & shares through Tumblr, although Google reader is the big winner on interface – much easier there.

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