Twitter allows me to be judgmental

Or maybe the right word is discerning?

\\ begin twitter rant

One thing I like about twitter is finding interesting people I’d like to connect with. Since twitter is about communicating within 140 characters, the “about” section for tweeple you see on their homepage is controlled by what they put in their account settings. I’ve provided a screenshot of what my profile looks like on my twitter page.

This is the #1 place for me to decide who I should follow and/or connect with more than anywhere else. Here’s why:

I want to know your real name. I don’t mind that you have a fun/cute/branded twitter name, but seriously, what is your real name? To really connect, let me know who you are (exceptional grace given to services).

I want to know where you call home. I find that very interesting. If I don’t know where in the world you call home, I’m not sure I can really get to know you.

I want to know where you are elsewhere online. Do you have a website you call home? A profile? It’s kind of like having a “more about me” link in the bio. Which brings me to…

I want to know a little about you. Give me your bio in 160 or less. Seriously. Just a snapshot. What are you about? Just tell me something remotely useful.

I want to know your follow-to-following ratio. Do you follow everyone and no one follows you back? Probably a reason and I’m not going to join them. It gives me an idea about who you are and what you’re up to. It helps me understand if you are a listener.

Judgmental you say? Yeah, I know. But that’s the point. We’re going to make a quick decision about connecting with you. You have a second of my time to tell me if I should listen to you. Blow it in your “about” section and I’m out.

Ready to get a good profile? Just go to and don’t miss these three boxes:

Leave’em blank and I’m leave’in you alone.

// end twitter rant

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