Political PR in PR

Did you know Puerto Rico can vote in the US election primary but they can’t vote for President. In other words, PR can have their say in who they think the US should vote for. So Clinton & Obama court Puerto Rican voters and here are the angels they took in their campaigns:

BAYAMON, Puerto Rico (CNN) — Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama took their campaigns to the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico on Saturday in an effort to woo voters before the June 1 primary.

There are 55 Democratic delegates up for grabs, though voters cannot take part in the general election in November

Obama campaigned early Saturday at the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamon, where he praised the nation’s veterans before Memorial Day…Obama remarked to the crowd, “I will never forget the support and the friendship that I’ve seen here in Puerto Rico. … I am absolutely confident that if that we keep on working hard, there’s no reason why we can’t win here in Puerto Rico, and if we win Puerto Rico, we will win the nomination.”

Clinton hosted a “Solutions for Puerto Rico’s Families” town hall meeting in Aguadilla on Saturday…Before a crowd of a few hundred Puerto Ricans in a muggy high school gym, Clinton pledged to make it a “personal priority” to resolve the statehood issue before the end of her first term. She also vowed to clean up the former Navy testing ranges on Vieques, fund the famous Arecibo radio telescope, use federal dollars to put more cops on the streets and extend tax breaks to Puerto Rican companies.

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  • I wonder how many Puerto Ricans voted in the primaries.
    @Obama – didn’t seem to say much in what was posted.
    @Hillary – as for the statehood issue, whatever, I don’t see that ever being resolved, too politically charged; NAVY TESTING – that would be good. ARECIBO TELESCOPE – it’s funded by a university, is it UConn? Can’t remember right now.

    And as for more cops, also a good thing as long as they are good cops.