My Quest for Clean Feeds

I like clean RSS feeds.  No more mixing stuff up for me.  Mostly.

I’ve decided that the RSS feed for rob’s place will just be of whatever shows up here.  Nothing else.

However, I find a lot of stuff online and I save it in all sorts of places.  Sometimes it’s on my Amazon wishlist.  Sometimes I bookmark it in  Or digg.  Or I save it in StumbleUpon.  Or whatever.

So, here’s what I’m doing now:  no longer am I syndidicating feeds straight into anywhere…except one place: my FriendFeed.  It’s got everything and it’s sitting over there in my sidebar.

But I’m not going to stop sharing on Orangejack Shares.  In fact, it’s where I’m going to link to everything I want to share.  It’s a lot more active with fun, random stuff than this blog is now.

Not every Digg or or twitter or whatever will automatically show up on Tumblr.  I’ll push to that site what I want to share there.  Nothing automated.

So, you can now subscribe freely to whatever you want.  I’ll aggregate my Internet finds and share them in one place, blog in other places, and allow FriendFeed to catch it all.

For a list of all my blogs and RSS feeds, see my profile page.

I guess I’m on a clean streak.  Even wiped down rob’s place so you can’t even recognize it.  Take a look feed readers.

All of this is effectively immediately and is subject to change.  And probably will.

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  • Looking good, Mr. Cah-ter. (Sorry. It’s probably a little early for a “Welcome Back, Kotter” reference!)

    I was just having this same thought the other day… but the completely opposite thought. Aggregating *everything* into one feed as a “how to stalk me” feed. Great minds think alike… yet completely opposite.

    As you said, there’s a place for everything. For you, that’s going to be FriendFeed. For me, I don’t know what that place is just yet.

    I know that I don’t care for the way FF produces partial feeds (even when the source is full-feed) and that is my single biggest hangup for FF. I enjoyed having my Lifestream on my blog, but got frustrated with it because it didn’t archive anything so all of that presence information was — essentially — gone once the feed items cycled out. So then I started pushing everything to my tumblog, which has been a disaster, because the really good tumblog content is getting lost in Twitter noise. (Which is honestly the biggest issue in all of this… my twitter is just noise.)

    So… I don’t know, Rob. I don’t know what the answer is. FF seems like the worst possible plausible answer, but… wait… what was the question??

  • rob

    Yeah, I wouldn’t say this is the best solution. But what I do like about FF is that I can pull everything together into one place – even partial feeds. so the role of tumblr for me is to share stuff others create but now it’s not automatically going to show up. I like to save stuff others create but don’t need to share it. That’s why I now have everything running through Google Reader (didn’t mention that earlier) which reminds me to check and see if I want to share it. Either way, it’ll end up in FF.

    As you can also tell, if I post something elsewhere and want this audience to know, I’ll do that. I see my other blogs as categories of this blog, just the URL and design is different (since it’s another domain)!