Throwing Away A Trashcan

You can throw away pretty much anything in the world except for a trashcan.

We have 3 plastic trashcans that are all messed up from years of abuse. Some have holes in the bottom good for leaky bags. Some lost their handles from raccoons ambushing the cans and knocking them over. Some of the tops don’t fit anymore.

I’ve left these things at the street over and over to be picked up on trash day but they always give them back. I wouldn’t mind recycling them but those guys won’t pick them up since they don’t fit in the bins we leave at the street.

I guess I have to take them to the dump or a trashcan behind a store or something. I just never thought about how it’s not that easy to throw away a trashcan.

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  • That’s funny!

  • Have you tried melting them down?

  • I had the same problem, until I put one inside the other.

  • So true! We’ve had that exact same problem! We finally decided to tape a piece of paper to it with big words written on it in black ink that said, “Trash..Please Take!” It worked. But, if the garbage collectors in your neighborhood can’t read, then I guess you’ll still be stuck with your trashy trash cans…LOL!!