Orangejack Mall

I’ve decided to run a little experiment and want to get your feedback on it. I’ve created the Orangejack Mall. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

My idea is to create one place that has some shopping ideas that I think you might be interested in — or at least ideas I like and think you might also like. Some of the items I make money off of if you purchase them by going through the mall. Some items are just listed for your benefit (like the woot deal of the day and the keep cash listings).

I’ve created a few online stores like my Rob’s Recommended Amazon store where I hand-select items you may like. I plan to create a few other niche stores. So in the Orangejack Mall you can currently find Disney DVD‘s and Chronicles of Narnia books from Amazon, LOST stuff from CafePress, and Nikon deals from eBay. I may also create affiliate stores later on CafePress and eBay to hand select items like I did with Amazon.

What do you think about this whole concept? What would you do differenly? What stores would you like to see added? If the mall had the stuff you’d like to see (like what?) would you go there to shop?

Thanks for your honest feedback. Comment here or let me know privately.

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  • No offense Rob, but I’ve got enough websites telling me to buy things, I’m fatigued on it.

  • rob

    @Michelle : none taken. This is what I want to hear. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time (especially mine). But at the same time I wonder if there’s a way for me to pull stuff together in a place that others would like. I don’t want to tell you to buy things, I want to offer them. That’s one reason there are things on there that I don’t make money off of — just deals.

  • Can’t get on the actual site here at work, so I’ll just comment on the concept.

    I’d be interested in seeing reviews on products that you had purchased or used but I’m not sure I would end up buying from the mall. This goes for pretty much everything that I buy online: I seek out reviews from people that have used the product (reviews from friends and acquaintances count much more than “randomcameraguy2008”), but I usually scout out the lowest price and possibly even hold the item in person before making any purchase decisions. Once all that’s done, I just usually find the best price at a reputable store – online or bricks and mortar.

    Hope this helps!