Humans Behaving Badly

Once before a flight a flight attendant was asking for volunteers to allow someone to swap seats with someone else. A voice a few rows behind us volunteered saying, “I will! I can’t be around children.”

Another time on a flight there was an extremely overweight man sitting a few rows before me and across the aisle. The guy in front of him reclined to take a nap. The man took his forearm and angrily pushed the seat upright. He also exchanged angry words with the guy in front of him.

In the Nairobi, Kenya airport, our flight was scheduled to leave just before midnight. After several delays because of mechanical reasons, the flight was canceled around 2 in the morning. We were put up in a hotel and told we’d all be rebooked in the morning. One father complained bitterly and loudly to the messenger. She didn’t make any decisions about the flight. Finally he yelled, “Think of the children! They are sleepy! What are they supposed to do?’

One day while taking photos at Disney for people, a father wanted his tired and bashful 2-year-old daughter to smile for the picture. She didn’t want to and was a bit winy. He said to her sternly, “If you don’t smile…” then he turned his head and whispered something into her ear. After that instead of smiling, she shrieked and cried.

But the worst of them all are we who think we are better than all of these people. We’re not. A dose of humility never hurt any of us.

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