How I share the Internets

Maybe I’ll explore and dive into this later, but I think I have finally got a hold of my online presence. I mean, I can’t call myself an Internet Strategist if I can’t even figure out how to explain my strategy, can I?

What I finally realized is a not-so-brilliant observation but one that made an impact on how I consume the internets: the internet is divided into content I create and content I don’t create. More specifically, of the content I don’t create only some of it I find (and find interesting for that matter).

I use various tools to create and find content, then filter it all into one place, Google Reader. From gReader, I filter out everything I consume and decide if I want to share it with you. gReader has changed the way it shares and now allows me to skip the gReader filtering process and share pages or snippets of pages straight to my shared items blog. And now that FriendFeed is around and I’m starting to get a handle on it, I see one of its roles to be an aggregator of all the content I create plus the filtered content I find and want to share.

So as you can see in the graph above (would you believe I actually spent time making this?) I have content I create on the left through my blogs, twitter, flickr, and youtube. On the right side is content I find through sites I subscribe to, delicious, digg, and stumbleupon. All of that comes into my gReader. From there I decide what I want to share and it all ends up on my shared items blog (which is now being redirected from You can get my share RSS feed or email if you like.

Geeze, I hope this makes sense to someone. It does to me.

Some of you may notice that tumblr is not on the list. That’s because I think I’m moving on from it. gReader makes it too easy. However, tumblr is getting my gReader RSS and republishing it.

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