Puerto Rican Parrots – and an Iguana

Puerto Rican Parrots

These beautiful Puerto Rican Parrots are endangered but have been making a comeback (it is possible the birds we’re seeing aren’t exactly the PR Parrots but they could be a variation) CORRECTION: These are Red-masked Parakeets. They only live in Puerto Rico. Every now and then when we visit we’ll see a flock flying around. Today a group of about 7 landed close. I hate that the photos a bit blurry, but I maxed out my zoom and still had to crop tight. A couple more…

2 Puerto Rican Parrots

And there are, believe it or not, 5 parrots in this one. You may need to see the large version to find them. Can you spot the 5?

Can You Find All 5?

Also got to see a huge iguana sunning himself.

Iguana Sunning Himself

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  • They are red-masked parakeets (Aratinga erythrogenys). A species normally native to Ecuador and Peru. It is introduced to many states in the US and apparently also to Puerto Rico. This is the first record of these parakeets I seen. Please add the photos to our City Parrots Flickr pool!

  • rob

    Wow, thanks for the comment and correction! Good to know what we were watching! BTW, we saw, from a distance, 4 blue large birds (with yellow on their wings). Looked like Macaws, but not seeing them close couldn’t tell.

  • Your welcome. Got any pictures of the B lue birds. Could be blue and gold macaws.

  • I found all 5, but definitely had to see it in the larger version. Looks like a beautiful place! Hope you guys are having a nice time.