Aug 4 year I try to get into NASCAR.  I pick someone and try to follow them for the season.  I want to be a fan.  But I just can’t do it.  I just don’t care enough for NASCAR.

But when I try to pick someone, it’s usually Jeff Gordon.  There’s only one reason I pick him – he was born on the exact same day I was.  We both turn 37 today.  If I’ve gotta pick something to not follow a sport, might as well be that!

A few other interesting things that happened today (besides the birth of Jeff Gordon and myself):

  • The Second Temple in Jerusalem was destoryed by the Romans in 70 AD
  • Don Perignon invented Champagne in 1693
  • Louis Armstrong was born 1901
  • Billy Bob Thornton was born 1955
  • Barack Obama was born 1961
  • Roger Clemens was born 1962
  • The US Dept of Energy was created in 1977
  • The Phoenix spacecraft launched to explore Mars in 2007
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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROB!! I hope you enjoy the day and get to celebrate in some way.

  • Buna buna buna bun bun
    Buna buna buna bun bun
    Buna buna buna
    They say it’s your birthday!
    Buna buna buna
    It’s Jeff Gordon’s too, yeah!

  • Happy Birthday!