Re-blogging Again

The last few months have been so very interesting with the breakout of new styles to communicate online.  Twitter has moved me to micro-blogging by constructing thoughts in 140 characters or less.  Google Reader has moved me to sharing content others create fast and now with commentary.  FriendFeed has moved me to find simple ways to aggregate my online presence in all of these places.

There has been an evolution of how I (and others) communicate online as tools have made it easier, faster, and more varied.  Of course this has always been the case.  At first you had to learn HTML.  Then it got faster when programs like Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver came out.  Then it got even faster when blogs came on full force.  The evolution continues with micro-blogging, video-blogging, and audio-blogging.

It’s been great fun experimenting with these new tools and riding this online communication evolutionary wave.  I’ve taught some.  I’ve helped some.  I’ve been ignored by some.  I’ve been scoffed by some.  It shouldn’t be a shock to me but it sometimes is.

In this process of experimenting and trying out new methods of communication, I’m now rethinking the value and discipline of blogging.  The issue is one of time and thought formulation that dictates the tool I use to share something.  Chris Brogan brought this up today on his blog too. And of course time and topic preference of readers are determinants of how one processes what I share.

All this to say, I’ve been thinking this week about re-engaging and re-disciplining myself with blogging – really, the practice of thought formulation and publication.  This doesn’t mean I won’t stop Twittering or Sharing or Aggregating, but that I want to put a focus back on blogs.

So, what do you think about this?  What sort of topics are you interested in?  I’ve always thought of this space to be a place to just do whatever, and it’ll probably stay that way.  But I am interested in your thoughts.  Please share them in the comments.

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  • Blake Schwendiman

    I think you’re right on track with this!

  • I’m the same way. I’ve been “twittering” and “facebooking” much more than blogging these days. For me, I believe it’s because I find it difficult to find topics to post blogs about. I need to disci[line myself to think more — and put my thoughts on my blog.

  • I have found that checking facebook and other friend’s blogs are what keep me from blogging as much. I’d say blog whatever is on your mind. I like random thoughts, but also processing-types as well. I look forward to seeing more as you are able.

  • I’ve been thinking along these lines for the last few months, too. As I watch more of my community publish their life on Facebook I realize the publication of my life/thoughts on my blog has much less significance. And I wonder if my energies would be better spent on Facebook. Or, ideally, I’d like to publish the same shorter content in both locations.

  • Being a bit of a newbie to the arena of Social Networking, my angle may be similar to many of the clients that I am hoping to help using these tools. Bottom line, we only have time for so much “stuff”, many look at the interaction via Facebook style sites as non-productive time. This is based on the fact that successful people only have a very limited amount of time to delegate as they see fit while still getting the “real” work done that drives their business. My guess is that time is the value factor that they weigh when deciding what things to participate in. Personally,
    I enjoy reading blog posts that I become aware of through a notification vehicle of some type (even email) which lets me know what is of interest to me. I really love reading about real life
    examples of the power of the “new media” including SN to boost business. I want to be able to identify techniques and proven success models that can be implemented when I develop a marketing plan for my clients. This site has a wealth of good material for education and is where I have been lurking lately –
    And of course, I am happy to count Rob among my friends that are willing to help me along
    the way! Thanks Rob.