Olympic Icons and Resources

I’m getting ready for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.  Are you ready?

I love the Olympics – especially the summer edition.  I was a swimmer and coached a year of swim team during college.  So I gravitate to that sport.  Not to mention Michael Phelps is the bomb.

During college I played a lot of beach volleyball and some indoors.  I made the club team at Clemson but decided not to play.  So I love watching beach volleyball also.  And btw, when they show closeups of the players butts, it’s not just for sex appeal.  They are signaling how they plan to block.  One finger indicates they will block the line (take the shot away down the line) forcing the hitter to hit into the court.  Two fingers indicates they will block angle forcing the hitter to go line.  The signal on each hand shows what they will do if the hitter is on that side.

Anyway, while looking for some go to websites for the Olympics, I found a couple cool things.  The official logo is above.  Below are the official pictograms or sport icons they are using this year.  I got them from a site that even has the historical Olympic pictograms.  Very cool.

For a TV schedule it looks like the NBC Olympic website has a nice interactive TV schedul chart.

And believe it or not, it looks like the BBC might have a nice, clean Olympic Medal Count page by only posting earned medals.  Sports Illustrated has a nice looking full Olympic Medal Count page.

Will you be watching and tracking the Olympics?  If so, what are your favorite events?

Oh, and I’ll be pulling for the USA.

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  • Annie

    Hi Rob,

    Do you have a high resolution for the Olypmic icons?


  • rob

    @Annie – no, I only have what I found on the site. maybe you can find them there.

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