New Facebook Layout

Facebook has a new design layout and although I and others don’t like some of the changes, the more I’ve looked at it the more I’m realizing the new design has great potential to be a great communications application.  I wrote about it on my business blog:New Facebook Layout Has Big Potential | Orangejack LLC.  I’ll even give you my summary (but go read it all for explanations):

What I’m seeing with this new Facebook design is that communication is much faster and easier than before. Interaction is encouraged and is more sensible. Some veterans of Facebook aren’t happy with the new design but I suspect it’s because they aren’t seeing it in this light. It seems Facebook is now catching up to some of the other hot web 2.0 content publishing applications and improving on what they do well:

* Microblogging: Facebook Status Update like Twitter
* Blogging: Facebook Notes
* Bookmarking: Facebook Links like Delicious or Digg
* Photos: Facebook Photos like Flickr
* Discussion Board: Facebook Wall
* Lifestream: Facebook All Posts like FriendFeed

What do you think about the new layout?  And I’m more interested in your thoughts about it for communications, not personal branding and playing with applications (this is the area that many don’t like and I tend to agree).

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  • Since I gained access to the new layout of Facebook, I’ve never used it more. I’m communicating way more than I did before. I suspect a large part of that is simply being able to find where to comment though. I had so many friends with a dozen different walls, in addition to all their other apps, and I simply didn’t want to spend 3 minutes of scrolling to find the wall. Now I go to their profile, and it’s right there, it’s never been easier!