Butterfly with Sore Feet

I recorded the Olympics all day so this afternoon I’ve been catching up watching all kinds of games that I never really thought I’d watch. Some of these games I can only take once every four years. But when it comes around I really enjoy them. This afternoon I watched basketball, sculling, water polo, track & field, beach volleyball, and the trampoline.

But the craziest was Woman’s Badminton.

Have you seen competitive badminton? It’s like what I would guess to be a tennis match with a flat ball. It was the Gold Medal game between two Chinese women and they were going at it! The announcers were SO into it building up excitement when I didn’t see it. The funniest part was how excited one of them got after one of the women scored a point. Talking about how the shuttle landed he said, “…landed like a butterfly with sore feet!”

I still don’t know what that means. But it sure was funny.

Mostly in the games I like the objective ones, not the subjective ones. In other words, I like the sports where one gets from point A to point B faster, or scores more goals, or whatever. Not the kinds where they say “well they did a hard one and did okay, the other did an easy one and nailed it”. Who wins? It’s subjective. Not that these athletes aren’t incredible (and I watch them), I just prefer the objective sports better.

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