Panthera, Orange Dutch, and Fantasy Football

The League
The 2008 East Coast Football Club (ECFC) live draft was today.  Below is my new team’s roster.  A few changes this year to the league to the roster:

I think this should make for a much more interesting and active season.  Shortening the bench and limiting the required starters should be fun.  In short, it’s more like a real team: 1 each of the 4 specialty positions + 2 extra specialty players to lineup wherever you want.

Anyway, that was the big change to the league rules.  Still sticking with 1 pt/20 yards passing, 1 pt/10 yards rushing, 1 pt/reception.

Team Name & Logo
I’ve also changed my team name and logo again.  It’s honestly one of the more fun and creative thing I try to do each year.  This year my team name is Panthera.  My logo is above – the orange lion.  If you’re not familiar with where these come from, the lion is borrowed from the South Holland Provencal flag.  The orange isn’t unusual in the Netherlands because the nation was ‘founded’ by William of Orange who defended the protestant Dutch nation against the Spanish Catholics (who eventually assassinated him) in the 1500’s.  The current Dutch Royal Family has almost always been from the House of Orange-Nassau.  All that to say, the Dutch like orange.

The name, Panthera, is actually not an actual animal or thing.  It’s a group of animals.  A genus of big cats.  There are only 4 animals in the genus Panthera: the Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, and Leopard.  They are also the only cats that can roar (bet you didn’t realize that, did you?).  So my team aren’t just tigers or jaguars or lions or leopards, we are a combination of all the big cats!  Roar!

(yes, I like to put a little thought and research to my team names)

The Draft
I was fortunate to get the first pick in this year’s draft.  I always go for a RB first, but this year I was seriously thinking about taking Brady in round 1.  But as you can see below, I didn’t.

Panthera 2008 Draft Roster
QB: Tony Romo
RB: LaDainian Tomlinson
WR: Anquan Bolden
TE: Jeremy Shockey
PK: Nate Keading
DE: Redskins
FLEX: Brandon Jacobs, Laveranues Coles
Bench: Matt Schaub, Selvin Young, Kevin Curtis, Ted Ginn, Ben Watson

So how did I do?

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  • Better than I did — but I can’t blame CBS or Firefox. Things worked well for me except for not being able to pick up a RB for a flex one round, Towards the end of the draft it finally let me do that!

  • Not a bad draft. You guys have an interesting roster setup.

    Romo is a top 3 QB. LT is the top RB. Not sure that I would have taken Boldin that high as your top WR since he is a WR2 with a questionable QB this year in Leinart, but you have Coles and Curtis to back him up if he falters. Ginn could even break out with strong production now that Pennington is in Miami. All together, you have some promising starters and a nice set of backups. Good job.

  • rob

    @Jacob: One of the things I like to do is change things up every year. Sometimes it’s scoring, this year it was starters. Never tried this lineup before so we’ll see how it goes. The idea is require 1 of each specialty then flex the rest. Short bench also opens more on the waiver wire. We’ll see!

  • @rob: It’s a cool roster idea. It really emphasizes getting the best at each position.

    Requiring managers to use the waiver wire always makes for a more active and fun league. You can usually avoid those fantasy football players that draft and then forget to set their roster half the season.

  • rob

    @Jacob: exactly the thinking. In the past we’ve had teams set and not do much anymore. Limit the bench and now there’s more transactions. Some had a bad draft but plenty of time to fix it. And, though it’s not a huge deal, it’s more like a real team as I said in the post. More flex makes more variables to making a good team.