Fay Won’t Quit

I gotta be honest with you, Fay is impressive.  Although it hasn’t reached hurricane status (yet), it has been relentless.  Not only has the path been unpredictable (and still is), it shouldn’t have done some things that it has done.  Look at the wind history as of this post:

When tropical storms go over land they are supposed to lose strength.  Fay really has done nothing but grow!  When it made landfall near Marco Island, FL, it had around 60 mph winds.  As it came in, it got stronger!  As it is making it’s 150 mile trip from Marco Island to Melbourne, it will have stayed around the same strength.  They aren’t supposed to do that!

Here in Orlando we’ve been fortunate.  The path has been more south and east of us than expected.  With it’s counter-clockwise spin, the outer bands of the rain that we expected just brushed us.  It was like I-4 was a wall and the edges just spun up against it.  As a result the beaches on the east coast have been rocked today.

Now, this storm will leave Florida at Melbourne about 60 mph.  It’s going to get out into the Atlantic and then build up to at least a Cat 1 hurricane, then make a turn back into Florida near Jacksonville!  When that happens, the south side of Fay will then threaten us and continue to pound our Central Florida beaches.

I’m telling ya, this storm just won’t quit.

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  • Jen

    I enjoy your posts better than the news!