Fay is a Florida Land Lover

Seriously, I think Fay has some sort of infatuation with being over Florida land.  Watch this…

The first taste Fay had of Florida land was just off of Key West.  Perhaps she wasn’t sure if she’d like the Florida taste, so she took a sample of a tiny island west of Key West.

Then remember Fay was going to go up to Tampa?  Nope.  She liked what she tasted and couldn’t wait for more! So she turned and headed for the first outlet of land near Marco Island (pretty much the southern tip on the west coast of Florida).

Fay couldn’t get enough.  She liked what she tasted so she took the long way across the state (conveniently staying over and near the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee to stay fueled).

So Fay slowed down as she went across the land and made a decision as she was ready to leave – she wanted more land!  So what did she do today?  She literally got to the beach and went straight up the beach all the way to NASA’s home.

But alas, it’s time for her to stop prolonging her exit and get her off into the Atlantic.  But wait!  Fay knows what Fay likes – Florida land!  So once she gets out into the open water to recharge her batteries, guess where she’s going?  Yup!  Back on land near Daytona and then west across the panhandle!

Ironically, Fay was supposed to stay in the Gulf and go to Tampa.  Tampa is about the only place in Florida Fay isn’t going to sample.

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