Facebook focuses on “twitter”

I’ve written before about how I like the new Twitter layout from a communications and connection perspective.  Today I just noticed they’ve taken a step a little closer to Twitter (if not downright being twitter on facebook).

When you log into Facebook, most people either go to their profile page or their home page that contains their news feed of what’s going on with their friends.  On the profile page they added “twitter” to the top already, but it was missing from the news feed page.  Well not anymore.

Here’s what the top of my twitter page looks like (I like the orange background, not sure why!)

I’d say they function pretty darn near the same, wouldn’t you?

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  • Yeah, I noticed that change on Facebook yesterday also. I think it’s a smart move by Facebook. I’ve now started importing my Google Reader shared items to Facebook, etc. effectively making my Facebook profile my “lifestream” and eliminating the need for FriendFeed or another social network/application.

    Although I see you’ve got a FriendFeed widget in your sidebar here, Rob. What are the benefits of using FriendFeed as your “lifestream” over Facebook? I would think Facebook has a LOT more people on it than FriendFeed, so FriendFeed can’t be winning in that department. Does FriendFeed allow you to import more feeds or something? Just curious what your take is on the benefits of FriendFeed over Facebook for lifestreaming.

  • Scott Williams

    It may look the same but it does not work the same. When you use the FB “Waht are you doing” it updates your news feed and your status. However if you use twitter it updates you status but does not update your news feed. So if you tweet your status then tweet an update the previous is not tracked in FB.

    sounds like it’s time for a new twitter app for FB that functions the same as the native FB change.

  • Scott Williams

    crap … hold on now it seems to work on both. Something is up with FB… randomness of things not working in the new version.

  • rob

    @Steve – I agree that now that Facebook will import just about anything, it makes for a nice lifestream. However, it’s only available to your friends. In other words, I have not not only sign up for Facebook, but we have to mutually agree that I can see your content (of course we already are, but I’m just saying). However with FriendFeed, it’s public. You can view it without joining anything (though you can’t interact with it). That’s the way I see it. I’m actually playing around with FriendFeed as a Lifestream at orangejack.com/lifestream.

    You are right that Facebook has a lot more people on it, but I think it goes to the public/private issue. Of course, some may only want their lifestream available to friends in which case Facebook wins.

    As for importing, FriendFeed allows you to import 40+ sites right now, but you can import any RSS feed so just like Facebook, it’s pretty unlimited.

  • rob

    @Scott – did you figure it out? If you add the twitter application to Facebook there is an option to have your Facebook status updated by twitter. That’s what I’m doing. When I post to Twitter my Facebook status is updated wit the same thing – and then others can comment on it inside Facebook which is pretty nifty!