• rob

    Personally I like the orange – always have! I bet the SC garnet lovers will hate it!

  • I haven’t gotten my new plates yet — but i like it!

  • I do wish it weren’t orange! 😉

  • I really liked the previous one, but like the new one because is represents the flag.

  • I actually do like the newest one you posted. It seems more bold and somehow the color combination looks good to me. I just can’t stand driving through SC, though, on the way up to North Carolina. It seems like it takes forever to get through that state…and the drive on I-95 is pretty boring if you ask me. But, I do like their state flag and symbols.

  • rob

    @Becky – don’t worry, even South Carolinans don’t enjoy the I-95 drive. And we also love our flag. It’s really been over-marketed in the state, but it is a cool flag.