Feeling like Sept 12

I was talking with a friend today and of course the subject of the current national financial stress came up.  I don’t even know what to say about it.  I can’t even say I understand it all.  Banks being bought, bailout, bankruptcy, housing crisis, etc etc etc.  It’s a tough place we’re in.

Then it hit me.  Right now it’s kind of like how I felt on Sept 12.  On that day (figuratively) I didn’t fully understand all the implications of what happened the day before.  I didn’t even know if it was over yet. I knew everything changed. But in all practicality what was I supposed to do?

I think we have to do now what we did on Sept 12: keep going.

Today is different than yesterday.
Today I’m still a neighbor.
Today I’m still a husband.
Today I’m still scared.
Today I still look for clients for my business.
Today I still look for full-time employment in the right situation.
Today I still move forward trusting that God will still provide and meet our needs.
Today I take another step forward.

Tomorrow will be different than today.
Tomorrow I’ll still be a neighbor.
Tomorrow I’ll still be a husband.
Tomorrow I’ll probably still be a scared.
Tomorrow I will look for clients for my business.
Tomorrow I will look for full-time employment in the right situation.
Tomorrow I will move forward trusting that God will still provide and meet our needs.
Tomorrow I will take another step forward.

Top 5 Annoying Instruments

These are my top 5 instruments that sound awesome at first but after about 2-3 minutes sound annoying.

  1. Steel Guitar – actually this sounds annoying to me just about the entire time, but I can put up with it for the first stanza
  2. Bagpipes – yes, Amazing Grace on them is amazing.  But the longer it goes, the more piercing the high notes are and the more annoying that one constant low note is.
  3. Harmonica – I love the harmonica.  I used to play it.  But there is a reason you only hear it for a few seconds in most songs
  4. Cowbell – Even though this is an unpopular stance to take for we all know the only cure for a feva is more cowbell, but I’ll take the hard stance and say that it’s awesome at first but annoying after about 3 minutes of consistency in 4/4 time.
  5. Harpsichord – You don’t hear it that often, but when you do it’s really cool at first.  Then it turns into high-pitched headache.


I’ve been helping get the word out about the unconference BlogOrlando on Saturday.  There are events around it so I’m going to be very busy the rest of the week.  But it should be fun!

We’re planning to have 300 people there – mostly from the Orlando area but some are coming from all over the country.  I’m really looking forward to reconnecting and starting new connections with a lot of new like-minded folks.

If you’re going, leave a comment or connect with me so we can meetup!

The Gospel Driven Life

Our pastor yesterday had a great quiz I wanted to share with you (transcribed from Craving Grace) based on Colossians 1:1-14.

What is the center of your thinking in our day to day life? What drives you? What makes us who we are?

Below is the quiz from the sermon. They are True/False questions.

1 – I tend to compare myself with other people.
2 – Most of the time I’m anxious about friends money school, family, etc.
3 – I rarely say I’m sorry.
4 – I need to be in control.
5 – Prayer is usually my last resort.
6 – I often feel discouraged and defeated.
7 – I tend to get defensive when told I’ve made a mistake.
8 – Most of the time I feel guilty and condemned.
9 – It’s all up to me.
10 – I often focus on the weaknesses and failings of other people.

As Mike said, these are all symptoms of life not driven by the Gospel. If you answered True to 1 or 2 statements then you’re doing pretty well. If you answered True to 3-5 then you’re doing okay but need help. If you answered True to 6 or more then you need to listen to the sermon.

Let’s put it this way, I needed to listen to the sermon. I encourage you do to it also.

How I’m Contributing Online

Although I’m trying to blog more often, the stats don’t lie.  It’s just easier for me to post short updates quickly or share other things I find interesting.

This chart shows how I’ve been contributing online in the last 30 days:

I’m also trying out a couple of sites to pull all of this together.  One is soup.io.  Check out the Orangejack Lifestream on soup.io because it’s easy to keep up with everything I’m posting or sharing.