Hurricane Ike to Houston area

I haven’t posted about Hanna or Ike for a while because I’ve been waiting to see what they did.  Hanna thankfully stayed as a tropical storm and went up the east coast not bring a terrible amount of damage.

Now that Ike has finally made it’s approach into the Caribbean, the path is becoming a bit more clear.  Every day for the last few the projected path has been all over the board.

As you can see, as of right now all of the Gulf Coast states need to pay attention as Ike probably will hit as a major hurricane.  Right now it’s looking to aim at Houston/Galveston.  But of course, all dealing with Gustav needs to watch out also.  If Ike stays to the south and west of New Orleans, they will get the right-front quadrant of the storm bringing a very unstable condition.

The other thing I wanted to point out is that Cuba and Haiti especially have been really hit hard the last few weeks.  I’ve lost count, but I think the death toll in the two countries is somewhere in the 5-700’s? Hurricane Ike Spotlight

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  • Bruce Guillory

    reading a live blog on (local houston newspaper), we will all have to prepare. Where we are I don’t worry about boarding up windows etc, but definitely bring in any outside plants/furniture and the like….and outside pets of course.

    Keeping an eye on it for sure.