Friday Jury

On Wednesday I went to fulfill my jury summons.  It was my second time doing this.  Last time a few years ago I got to leave at lunch because they didn’t need us.

Yesterday they told us if we were’t called by 2:30 we’d go home.  They called my number at 2:00.  By 5:00 I had been sworn in to be on a jury for a criminal case.

So Friday I will do my civic duty and be on a jury for the first time.  I’m kinda looking forward to it.  The judge said it won’t be complicated nor long.  So maybe it’ll be kinda cool.

The funny thing is the judge told us it isn’t like CSI or Law and Order.  I don’t watch those but I understood what he meant.  I was a little bummed because all I could think about was this…

YouTube – My Cousin Vinny Trailer

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