• Blake Schwendiman

    Can you imagine how change in the government is going to be accepted if people freak out about changes to Facebook? Or maybe (my cynical side thinks) that people care more about their Facebook profile than the electoral process and the state of the Union.

    As for me, I embrace change — love it. I don’t like getting too comfortable, it makes me lazy.

  • Enjoyed your Utterz, um I mean Utterli, discussion.

    I find it interesting that people are rallying behind change politically. We all realize change is needed, but the paradox is that human nature fights change. So, philosophically, it’s interesting to see how we don’t like to change our address, the way we do things, etc. Remember when people didn’t want to change from a receptionist to voicemail?

    Maybe the bottom line is that we should condition our psyche to welcome change. But, oh, it’s so difficult to change!

    I like your recap. Keep these coming!

    P.S. I had resisted some invites to Utterz, thinking that I had to change and learn another social media space. After listening, I’m signing on! Thanks!

  • dad

    Change? Of course we are going to change. Change is natural and required. Even if we don’t do anything to help it along, we will change.

    I remember attending a type of leadership conference, and the speaker told us to not to be prepared for change, but to be prepared to change the change. This was in 1969!