The Gospel Driven Life

Our pastor yesterday had a great quiz I wanted to share with you (transcribed from Craving Grace) based on Colossians 1:1-14.

What is the center of your thinking in our day to day life? What drives you? What makes us who we are?

Below is the quiz from the sermon. They are True/False questions.

1 – I tend to compare myself with other people.
2 – Most of the time I’m anxious about friends money school, family, etc.
3 – I rarely say I’m sorry.
4 – I need to be in control.
5 – Prayer is usually my last resort.
6 – I often feel discouraged and defeated.
7 – I tend to get defensive when told I’ve made a mistake.
8 – Most of the time I feel guilty and condemned.
9 – It’s all up to me.
10 – I often focus on the weaknesses and failings of other people.

As Mike said, these are all symptoms of life not driven by the Gospel. If you answered True to 1 or 2 statements then you’re doing pretty well. If you answered True to 3-5 then you’re doing okay but need help. If you answered True to 6 or more then you need to listen to the sermon.

Let’s put it this way, I needed to listen to the sermon. I encourage you do to it also.

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