Top 5 online tools to find a job

Many of my friends (including myself) are looking for jobs.  It’s a tough time out there and it’s never a bad idea to keep your resume updated anyway.

As for me, yes, we have an Internet consulting business and we’re always looking for new people to help with their Internet strategy.  However, I still look for stability in a full-time job.

Now take this for what it’s worth – I haven’t found a full-time job yet.  But I’m convinced these are the best tools to get there and it’s what I use.

1. Google Docs – Collaborate on your resume

I’ve had several people help me make edits to my resume and as you may know, it’s a pain to type up a document, email it, change it, send it back, etc.  Especially when a few are working on the document.  I’ve used Google Docs on mine and on others resumes because it’s a collaboration.  The thing to remember here is that you don’t worry much about formatting.  Just get the text down.

2. – Post your resume for download

I was very happy to find this free service a year or so ago. You get a web address with a clean version of your resume with some basic but effective formatting.  In fact it can be useful in helping you think in sections for your resume. What makes is a real winner is you can point people to the web address and they can download the most recent copy as a Word document and other optional formats.  I find it easy to type in an intro letter “my most recent resume can be downloaded from

3. “Jobsearch” Folder on computer

Often when emailing or filling out online applications they ask you to upload your resume in .doc format.  The way I do it is make sure my resume on is the most recent, then download it into a folder I keep called ‘jobsearch’.  Now I know I have the most recent ready to go.  I also keep a file in there with contact information for my references and a copy of a cover letter that I can adjust for each application.  When I take notes at my computer on an interview I file it in this folder.

4. LinkedIN – Network with others and enhance resume

Now that your resume is ready, open an account with LinkedIN and post it there.  You can enhance your profile with links, a photo, and short introduction.  Now you can connect with others you want to professionally network with.  You can also search for jobs posted there, ask and answer questions, and get people to post recommendations for you.  In the settings you can set up a better web address than what you get signing up.  For instance, mine is

5. – set up alerts for job searches

There are plenty of places to look for jobs online.  CareerBuilder and Monster are typically the most popular. However, I’ve found that has been a bit better.  It searches for job listings across many (most?) job boards.  After you do a search, you can sign up to get daily email or RSS alerts for new jobs indeed finds.  They also have a nifty salary expectations search.

Now of course you’ll need to talk to people and network offline.  I’ve found most opportunities come along when you are out talking and meeting new people.  However, there’s no reason in this day and age to not be using at least these 5 tools.

Have you found any other online tools to be effective in a job hunt?

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  • Jaemi

    I’ve found Dice to be really good. If you’re looking in the IT industry. Of all the search agents I use, it’s consistently the best.

  • Nice write-up, Rob! You have so many skills that I could see you consulting full-time. Many of us, however, do miss that regular paycheck…

    Wanted to share for online career management. They also have a group on LinkedIn.

  • Awesome Post..

    Something new we just launched with a LOT more features coming is;

    It’s a great tool that will help users put their resume online within 20 seconds and be able to have access to it, anywhere anytime..

  • Has anyone else used or found value with ??

    I have been using it a bit, It looks like it creates a great way to showcase one’s resume and portfolio.

    You can check out mine here at:

    Although I am not fully leveraging it’s capabilities.

  • rob

    @Bill – I haven’t used it but it looks interesting. The thing I find most interesting about this stuff is that many applications make it optional to include race, etc, yet these sites put that right in front of others. Just interesting, that’s all.

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  • Rob, just wanted to let you know I’m taking all your advice and putting it in to action. I’ve already got my stuff mostly updated on Emurse, it looks like a cool site. I’ve also re-vamped my work history on LinkedIn and I feel like it will pay off! Hopefully.

  • Jan

    Also is very useful, searches thousands of job boards all over the world and you don't have to visit them one by one