i voted

i voted

Feel free to use this sticker on your website or wherever!

My first reaction:

It took us 75 minutes from parking to voting.  I wasn’t impressed with the lack of privacy and inefficiency.  It was a small room with a lot of people wanting to vote.

I can prove I voted:

I can proove I voted on 12seconds.tv

Also, our ballet was long!  We not only voted for President and US Rep, but also State Attorney, State Senator, State Rep, Clerk of Courts, Sheriff, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector, Supervisor of Elections, 7 Judges, 3 Soil & Water Conservation Supervisors, 6 State Constitutional amendments, 3 County Charter Amendments, and a Special Referendum.  Whew!

It felt like a final exam that I’ve been studying for months.  But it was worth it.

Go Vote!

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  • Did you at least reward yourself afterwards with your free cup of coffee from Starbucks? I sure did! Boy, was it good! I don’t normally get just a regular coffee there, but today I did just to take advantage of the freebie. Anyway, glad you got out to vote, too!

  • rob

    certainly got the starbucks! watch the video above!

  • Oops! My blunder…I didn’t watch/listen to your link before I typed up my response…LOL!! Anyway, I got to our polling site at 7:05am and didn’t get done until 8:40am. I, too, was not impressed with the lack of organization. Getting into the voting room and checking in was fine. But, there seemed to be no clear-cut traffic flow or pattern once you filled out your ballot and awaited the small line to run it through the electronic scanner. The attendants were helpful, when they were paying attention. At other times, they were distracted and to me, it seemed that the overall layout of the room could’ve been better organized. Also, the overflow of citizens filling out their ballots resulted in some people sitting at an open table to fill their out. I thought this was a bit of a privacy breach, personally. I mean, why can’t they fill the room with MORE voting partitions to begin with? Ours only had maybe 7 or designated partitions. They could at least do 20 or so! This was only my second presidential election I’ve ever voted in and I guess I thought that the overall process would seem a little more organized by now. I mean, haven’t we been conducting national elections for years now? Anyway, thanks for offering your “I Voted” flag…I think I’ll “borrow” it and post it on my blog, too. :o)