Pierre Chang Introducing DHARMA Stations – videos

There’s been several discovered DHARMA stations on the island LOST. A few have orientation films hosted by (seemingly) one man with different aliases: Dr. Pierre Chang, aka Dr. Marvin Candle, Dr. Mark Wickmund and Dr. Edgar Halliwax. This is the collection of those videos currently available online (if you know of others, please comment with the link).

Barracks – Orientation incomplete; Roger and Benjamin Linus watching

2 of 6 – Orientation – The Arrow incomplete

3 of 6 – Orientation – The Swan complete

5 of 6 – Orientation – The Pearl complete

6 of 6 – Orientation – The Orchid incomplete; Locke watching

6 of 6 – Orientation – The Orchid incomplete; “outtakes”

BONUS: The first meeting of Locke and Dr. Marvin Candle from TV show JAG

Chicken Wing Shortage: Colbert Investigates

Oh man, do you watch The Colbert Report? It’s one of my favorite shows. So much so I set up 2 small blogs about it: The Colbert Report Updates and Colbert Guests.

Anyway, did you see when Stephen Colbert interviewed Richard Lobb: Chicken Wing Spokesman for the National Chicken Council?

You see, there’s a chicken wing shortage so via satellite, Colbert asked Lobb some great questions that ended up as one of the funniest interviews I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve embedded it on my Colbert Guests blog – go check it out. Hilarious!

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The Misfit Blog on LOST

One of the craziest blogs on LOST is ThEmIsFiTiShErE. He calls himself the “WORLDS greatest Living LOSTIGATOR and spoilerGATOR!!”  The guy is nuts and reading his posts can be a bit annoying, but it’s designed that way.  He’s really a fan of the show but plays the part as a guy who is silly and doens’t get it.

But sometimes he can really crack me up.

Check out this post The MISFits Dares TO ask!! – Why HAVe the OTHERs got LONG leags!!

Is this PART of the SICK ness!!

LOOK at the OTHERs long LEG in the backgorund!!

If you can stand it, you’ll find some gems in his recaps and funny takes on the show:

  • I LIKED some of the ISLAND stuff but IT was a surprise that THE OTHERS have the ABILITY to go invisible and THEN reappear!! It seems a BIT cruel to play these TRICKS on Locke!! It was ALSO not nice of ETHAN to PRETEND not to know LOCKE before he USED his Invisibility CLOAK to disaappear!!
  • Some MEN want KATES blood!! I don’t like THIS vampire ANGLE!!
  • I thought it WAS very CLEVER of SAYID to use the DISHWASHER of Death to KILL him!!
  • I was SUPRISED at the SAYID who seemed to SLEPP thorugh most of this EPISODE!!
  • JACK then TRIES to kill sayid BUT sayid is too QUICK and starts to STRANGLE him!! Jack gives UP!!

Go visit The Misfit and tell him I sent you.  And as he often closes a post with “spoiler” photos…

“dont read the ABOVE or the title OF the post if you DONT like spoilers!!”


Stephen Colbert’s Inauguration Reaction was awesome

You may know that I love The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. I’ve even started a blog about the guests on The Colbert Report and another one that contains updates for the show with videos and announcements. By the way, would love it if you stopped by those sites to check them out and vote for your favorite late-night personality.

Anyway, I just love the lengths Colbert will go to be hilarious. Enjoy…

Hulu: Stephen’s Inauguration Breakdown

LOST is back Tonight – Get Ready (videos)

Most of you who follow this blog know that I’ve been posting content about LOST over on another blog. Today I found out that I will not be posting there anymore (maybe something to do with the whole island missing or something?) So, good news, my postings on LOST will return home. In other words, my posts have come back!

If you didn’t know already, the new season kicks off tonight for a 3-hour LOSTravaganza.

The 8:00 will be a recap show to get us all ready while the 9:00 and 10:00 shows will be the new goods! I can’t wait! In fact, I still have last season’s finale on my DVR so I’m thinking maybe around 6 I’m going to have my own LOSTathon by watching it then new stuff.

A couple of videos I’ve recently found that you may really like are below. The first is a fan-made trailer for this season so if you want a quick recap, watch it. Very good. The second is also a fan-made video, but it’s of the plane crash synchronized with all the events that occurred during the crash. In other words, it clips together the perspectives from the Others, on board the plane, and from Desmond. Very well done.


YouTube: LOST – Trailer for Season Five

YouTube: Lost – Synchronised events -UPDATED AND EXTENDED