Favor: Purchase TurboTax Here

I’d like to ask a favor — if you plan on doing your taxes yourself using Turbo Tax, would you consider purchasing it through my affiliate links? Just being straight up.

You still pay the same price as you would if you didn’t get it through me. However, I get a small percentage if you do. You’re going to pay that little bit either to Amazon or to me through my links. So would you consider getting it through my links?

It’s already cheaper on Amazon than in the local stores (I’ve been checking weekly) and you can save even more by downloading the software instead of getting the CD-ROM.

I’ve placed links in my Amazon Store (check the ‘extra’ page). They are also available in the Tax Store of the Orangejack Mall. Or chose from the options below.

Download for Home

Download for Business and Home

CD-ROM for Home

CD-ROM for Business and Home

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