Pierre Chang Introducing DHARMA Stations – videos

There’s been several discovered DHARMA stations on the island LOST. A few have orientation films hosted by (seemingly) one man with different aliases: Dr. Pierre Chang, aka Dr. Marvin Candle, Dr. Mark Wickmund and Dr. Edgar Halliwax. This is the collection of those videos currently available online (if you know of others, please comment with the link).

Barracks – Orientation incomplete; Roger and Benjamin Linus watching

2 of 6 – Orientation – The Arrow incomplete

3 of 6 – Orientation – The Swan complete

5 of 6 – Orientation – The Pearl complete

6 of 6 – Orientation – The Orchid incomplete; Locke watching

6 of 6 – Orientation – The Orchid incomplete; “outtakes”

BONUS: The first meeting of Locke and Dr. Marvin Candle from TV show JAG

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