Questions about giving up cable

line2 on FlickrWell, looks like we’re going to pull the plug on cable TV. Real bummer.

It’s actually not the cable that I’ll miss, it’s the DVR. That thing has changed the way we watch TV. We go to the DVR play list before the TV guide. We watch what we want when we want. We catch all the shows we like but at the time we want to see them.

So I’ve been looking at my options and have questions. That’s why I’m turning to you, my internets connections, instead of the google.

Keep in mind that the motivation here is to save money, not spend more.

We can go down to basic cable (networks + a few extras = 20 channels) for about $20/mth. But if we go to those channels, there’s not much more we’d watch so I’m wondering why even pay the $20 and not go all free? But then where does that digital box come in? Do I have to get that? If so, where and how much? 

I guess my ultimate question is: if I want to save the most money and watch network TV, what is my best option? My guess is it’s between paying for basic cable or getting a digital box.

Appreciate your help.

And yes, we’ll be turning to online TV like,, and (unless someone can suggest something better that is streaming, not downloading).

UPDATE: We’re on the wait list for gov’t coupon so we’re not buying the converter yet. We’re looking at the Zenith DTT901 Digital TV Tuner Converter Box and the Antennas Direct DB2 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna.  Thoughts?

photo source: Flickr photo Line2 by marekkosmal

Integrity, Cynicism, and Grace

Integrity – when what is done in private is also the same in public (and vice versa). Lack of integrity in you leads to cynicism in others.

Jackie Huba asks a great question via Leading by example 24/7: Church of the Customer Blog:

So here’s a paradox: What if you love a company for its change-the-world mission, then meet its visionary leader and discover he’s a jerk?

I still love the idea of the company, but now I distrust its leader. Will I evangelize the company any more? Probably not. Cognitive dissonance.

In my years and years of networking and meeting people, I’ve run across way too many people who are so very different once you meet them.

Some are pleasant surprises because they are great.  They are refreshing to be around. They make it easy to connect with them.

Others are disappointing because they don’t follow through “IRL” (in real life) with the image they project either online or in other traditional ways.

I know I’ve let people down before.  Probably will happen again. However, there’s an increased measure of grace I want to give others than I expect for myself though it’s not always easy.

It’s the exceptional people who will do what they say they will do. They start by listening. Not listening is expensive = conflict = ignorance = disconnect. When we listen to each other and respond with as much grace and truth that is needed, it lays the foundation for cynicism to be squashed, integrity to shines, and relationships to be restored.

Unfortunately there are a lot of unrestored relationships scattered like shrapnel.