LOST soup is served

Some of you may know I’m a big fan of LOST.  I’ve shared a lot of thoughts and web resources here and there about it.  The other week I created a new web resource for LOST that you, as a fan of the show, might enjoy.

I call it LOST soup.

There’s a few reasons for the name. First of all, it’s all hosted on a relatively new web platform at soup.io.  It’s an interesting site that is similar to Tumblr (if you’re familiar with it).  Of course I’m always trying out new stuff so I of course have orangejack.soup.io.  The site allows you to make quick and simple posts but also allows you to automatically feed it or aggregate many web resources that publish on a regular basis (RSS feeds!).

The other reason is becuase to make up the LOST soup, I’ve added several hand-picked “ingredients” that I think make the best blend of LOST content.  The site is automatically updated from several LOST resources such as TV Squad’s LOST category, Lost…And Gone Forever, Zap2It’s guide to LOST, my LOST channel, and the LOST blog to name a few.  You can always read it there or click through to the original post.

The site is mostly spoiler-free.  I like it that way.  There are plenty of blogs out there about LOST that contain plenty of spoilers.  Those are not ingredients for a tasty LOST soup!

So go get your serving of delicious LOST soup.  Bookmark it, share it, subscribe to it.

(and if you have your own soup.io, “friend” LOST and/or orangejack)


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