Time, Why You Punish Me on LOST

LOST has taken an obvious turn this season in dealing with time with all the time shifting/travel taking place.

But I have a question/observation I haven’t noticed anyone really talking about…

When the Oceanic 6 (O6) got off the island, the time was the same for when the island first skipped. Since then, the O6 have been off the island about 3 years (Aaron was born on the island and is now about 3, Sun’s daughter is about 2(?) and Desmond & Penny now have a kid).

However, every indication about real time on the island has only been a matter of days, not years. I haven’t seen any indication that, for example, Juliet and Sayer have aged or even lived another 3 years skipping. They seem to be alive just a few days. I know it’s hard to count with all the skipping, but I’m guessing. Although you can measure their time skipping in decades, the age put onto their bodies can be measured in days or hours.

So is that just part of the deal of skipping in time? What I’m saying is when they are all reunited, I think the skipping islanders will be shocked to know the O6 have been gone for 3 years as they feel like they’ve been separated by days.

Any thoughts on this?

Maybe Hootie was right: “Time, why you punish me? Like a wave crashing into the shore you washed away my dreams.”

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  • Jason Greer


    I think we are seeing events at two different “times”.

    We’ve skipped ahead three years with the Oceanic 6 (actually eight survivors if you include Ben and Sun’s daughter). How come Sun’s daughter doesn’t have to go back to the island?

    Anyhow. When we see the people back in LA, that is in 2007. Meanwhile Locke and the gang, are still living around January of 2005 or so, even though the island is moving in space and time, though Locke and company are staying in one spot.

    So, Locke came got off the island last episode. I expect the previous three years, he has bounced around LA and somehow recently died in 2007. Meanwhile, the castaway’s are back on the island.

    We don’t know when the last time jump was. Did they end up in the 50’s? 1988 with Rouseau going crazy? Back in 2004/ early 05, did they skip ahead to 2007 when I guess the Oceanic 6 come back? I don’t know.

    We’ll start finding out this week though.

  • rob

    I’m curious as well where the Islanders end up after Locke turned the wheel. The Orchid wasn’t there so it should be pre-Dharma. Could be that they have to wait in their time to catch up? That could take 30 years — unless it doesn’t take long for Dharma to show up and Faraday goes over to the Orchid being built (season opener could have been a flash-forward for the island skippers!)

    Ugh. Time travel is crazy. I’m too much of a linear thinker. But I still love the show.

    And I still don’t get the need for a constant.