Bank of America Sports Marketing Is Okay

When the recession hit full-on last fall, one of the things I found interesting is in the area of sports marketing. Questions like, “Will golf tournaments close because of the lack of corporate sponsorship?” and “Should a bank that is in trouble pay for naming rights of a stadium?”

It’s hard to swallow the idea that the money I’ve “contributed” to these mega-corps is being spent on what many would say is unnecessary. “They should use that money to get back on their feet, not sponsor golf!” we say.

To be perfectly honest with you, that’s a very judgemental thing for us to say (I said it too). We don’t know the full story. I realized this yesterday when I heard Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis comment on sports marketing:

Chief Executive Kenneth Lewis, speaking to the Chief Executive Officers Club of Boston, said the multimillion-dollar sports marketing deals at Bank of America are worth the investment because they generate sales and profits.

“I was never inclined to pump big sums of money into sports marketing until I saw the facts and the numbers,” he said. “In general terms, for every dollar we spend on sports marketing, we get $10 in revenue and $3 in earnings. This is not wasted money.”

And isn’t that what we’ve asked them to do? To take the money and make it back as fast as possible to get back on their feet? And they found a way to get $10 on the dollar?

Okay, I don’t mind so much now.

Restarting My Tumble Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve put my Tumblr blog to use, so I dusted it off today and renamed it tumbling happily:

Life can be random so I happily tumble its reflections by hand-selecting the crazies and the interestings from ALL of the internets

** Now auto-feed-free **

Have fun, boys and girls.

Ugly Mug Coffee and Fair Trade Coffee

Ugly Mug CoffeeI was recently introduced to a coffee company out of Memphis called Ugly Mug Coffee. The first practical thing for me is that the coffee tastes good. Otherwise I’m not that interested in a new coffee company.

Well I can say that it was a very good cup of coffee.  

My friends used to live in Memphis and were telling me more about the company itself and then I got really impressed.

First of all, their humor is great. I mean, come on, “Ugly Mug”? How funny is that?

Second, they take the ‘behind the scenes’ of coffee production seriously. You’ve probably all heard of ‘fair trade’ coffee, but they actually put some thought into it all and Ugly Mug Coffee is doing something better than Fair Trade:

The idea behind fair trade coffee involves paying farmers a “fair” price for the coffee they hand pick and bring to market. The price we pay for fair trade coffee is most often above the market price for that coffee. The majority of the difference is what goes directly to the farmers which is anywhere between 10 to 18%. Unfortunately, this system is not without its limitations…Farmers have to pay to have their crop fair trade certified and we have to pay to certify that the coffee is fair trade. That is money that does not make it to the coffee farmer.

To correct this problem…our plan is to identify coffee growing regions our coffee comes from and setup an economic assistance program in those regions that support the farmer directly…The unique factor driving this endeavor is equipping the coffee farmers with tools and skills that make their coffee more valuable on the commercial market.

Eventually, as our company grows, we would like to move away from fair trade coffee completely and into a more hands on role like our partnership with Grower’s First and the economic development programs. Until then, we continue to use only fair trade certified coffee as available on the market.

Third, they do their own roasting. At first I thought, “Memphis has fresh coffee”? Well, turns out they get their coffee green (mostly from Latin and South America) right off the boat and roast it themselves:

Soon as we order that finest of fine coffees in a way that benefits those farmers, we have it shipped up the Mississippi to Memphis and roast it with the attention most people give babies.

From pallet to roaster to your fist. Fast equals fresh.

There’s more to their story but suffice it to say that I’m impressed with Ugly Mug Coffee Company. I encourage you, if you have access to their products, buy a bag and see what you think.

Introducing the Orangejack Facebook Page

Fans of the Orangejack Facebook Page can utilize the Discussion Board – I’m really wanting to experiment with this as an extension of the Orangejack Network of Websites (TM). Though I’ve had plenty of experience participating and running discussion board forums, I’ve never had one for Orangejack.

I’d like for this entire Facebook presence to be all about using the Internet better so the discussion board can be used by you to ask questions, share interesting insights, and answer other people’s questions.

via Facebook Page | Orangejack LLC.

Phatdippin’ – Swimming With Clothes On

When I was a swim team coach our swim meets were on Thursday summer nights. We usually only had one practice on Friday and that was in the morning. It was always more relaxed and fun.

But I decided to do something none of my coaches ever allowed us to do – swim with their clothes on!

The funny thing is that the kids loved it – and they actually got a kinda decent workout (for a Friday practice). Of course throught the practice most took their sweats, shoes, and pants off (suits required underneath!), but they loved it.

It was a fun motivator for them to come, built some team community, and allowed for some individual expression.  Of course most of all it was just fun.

I hadn’t thought about that in a long time until I saw this crazy video from the Rhett&Link: Blog.

YouTube – Phatdippin’ Rap

Ben’s #LOST lists

Remember when we were introduced to Ben and the Others when they saw Oceanic 815 crash? I think it was the beginning of Season 3? Anyway, Ben wanted to get lists of the survivors. I don’t think I’ve ever been satisfied with the reason he did it (to find who’s good and bad).

But I just had an idea — with all this crazy time travel, what if Ben remembered the names of some of the people he met as a kid in Dharma and the purpose of the lists was to see if he recognized the names?

That would be funky – that all his life on Island LOST he carried with him the names of folks he met as a kid whom he knew were ‘different’ somehow because they were the time-skippers! So when the plane crashed, he got names, checked the list, then made his plans.

Well, it’s a thought anyway.

Favorite Famous Names Which Are Also Sentences

I remember a scene from the TV show Ed (man that show had us cracking up!) where the characters played by Tom Cavanagh and Josh Randall where having a discussion about celebrity names that form complete sentences. I can’t find it online in video or transcript form. However, I did find a long list of Famous Names Which Are Also Sentences so I pulled out a few that are my favorites…

  • Peter Bowles
  • George Burns
  • Nancy Drew
  • Karl Marx
  • Stevie Nicks
  • Rosa Parks
  • Leann Rimes
  • Brooke Shields
  • Wesley Snipes
  • Britney Spears
  • Mark Spitz
  • George Wendt

My favorites are the ones that you can replace the first name with “he” or “she” and the last name still works (and include names that are pretty instantly recognizable to me).

You got any?