How the Statue got on Island LOST

There’s a lot of talk about the infamous “four-toed statue” from LOST. Mostly it’s about how it got there. I have a new theory.

Most believe that there was an ancient civilization that lived on the island and they built it.  After watching this season as the island skips around in both time and space, I think that maybe the island popped up by ancient Egypt and the statue just ended up there.  You know, like how the Black Rock (the pirate ship in the middle of the island) or Remi’s plane (the puddle jumper from Africa) got on the island.  

Okay, I’m kidding. But kinda plausible, no?

Anyway, found some cool stuff about the statue and it’s connections with ancient Egypt.

The screen shot of the statue from tonight’s episode along with the ankh necklace that Paul wore in the episode has turned up a strong connection to the Egyptian God Anubis.

In fact [I am] saying that the four-toed statue IS in fact Anubis. 

All of the Egyptian connections are an interesting read.  The thing I wonder in looking closely at the comparison shot is what happened to all those trees that were behind the statue?!?!

But since LOST likes to give us clues as to what’s going on through songs, if we hear “Walk Like An Egyptian” being played in the blue VW Dharma bus, we’ll know for sure!

Oh, and BTW, if you haven’t stopped by and tasted the LOST soup, please pull up a chair and enjoy.

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  • jmcornwell

    Except that it's not just a statue but a statue on top of a temple in the base of the statue.